Dr. Samantha Gouw

Samantha C. Gouw, MD, PhD is trained as a pediatric hematologist and clinical epidemiologist. She received her PhD doctorate on the etiology of inhibitor development in children with severe hemophilia A at Utrecht University in 2011. In collaboration with a team of international colleagues, she published several papers in Blood and New England Journal of Medicine on genetic and non-genetic risk factors of inhibitor development. She currently works as a clinician-researcher at the Department of Pediatric Hematology at the Amsterdam University Medical Center. She is the coordinating researcher of a nationwide study and biobank in hemophilia patients at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at Leiden University Medical center, The Netherlands and is a work package leader in the National Symphony Consortium. Her current research focuses on inhibitor development and immune tolerance induction and the quality of hemophilia care, especially e-health and value based health care.

Key Publications

1. S.C. Gouw, J.G. van der Bom, R. Ljung, C. Escuriola, A.R. Cid, S.Claeyssens-Donadel, C. van Geet, G. Kenet, A.

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2. S.C. Gouw, H.M. van den Berg, K. Fischer, G. Auerswald, M. Carcao, E. Chalmers, H. Chambost, K. Kurnik, R.

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Study Group. Intensity of factor VIII treatment and inhibitor development in children with severe

hemophilia A: the RODIN study. Blood 2013;121:4046-55.

3. S.C. Gouw, H.M. van den Berg, J. Astermark, J. Oldenburg, M. Margaglione, A. Thompson, J. Boekhorst,

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4. A. Abdi, M.R. Bordbar, S. Hassan, F.R. Rosendaal, J.G. van der Bom, J. Voorberg, K. Fijnvandraat, S.C. Gouw.

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5. S. Hassan, R.C. Monahan, E.P. Mauser-Bunschoten, L.F.D. van Vulpen, J. Eikenboom, E.A.M. Beckers, L.

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Haemost. 2020;19:645-53.

Current Positions/Chairs:

  • Clinician - Researcher

Key Institutions

  • Amsterdam University Medical Center
    Pediatric Hematology
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

Research Activities

  • FREE study, effects of emicizumab prophylaxis in severe hemophilia A. Initiator and coordinating researcher, supervision of L. van Stam, PhD student
  • GRIP study, role of Fc gamma receptors in immune tolerance to FVIII. Initiator and supervision of I. Oomen, PhD student
  • Symphony E-Health & Value-based health care coagulation disorders. Workpackage leader E-Health, supervision M.R. Brands, E.S. van Hoorn, PhD students.
  • DYNAMO, The Dynamic interplay between bleeding phenotype and baseline factor level in moderate and mild hemophilia A and B’. Supervision of A.F. Zwagemaker, F. Kloosterman, PhD students.