Clinical Prophylaxis

Dr. Runhui Wu

Dr. Runhui Wu currently serves as a Physician-in-Chief at the hematology center of Beijing Children’s Hospital in Beijing, Capital Medical University, National Health center of Children in China, the Director for Children’s Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center. She is instrumental in establishing MDT team for patients with bleeding disorders and has created a registry in the institution with over 2300 children with hemophilia. Dr. Wu has been involved in promoting state-of-the-art  hemophilia care through nationwide initiatives. Furthermore, she has coordinated nationwide scientific conferences on hemophilia and is a part of numerous clinical trials with over 100 peer-reviewed publications in both English and Chinese literature. Dr. Wu is an active member in many international hemophilia organizations. 

Key Publications

1.     Tang, Ling; Xu, Weiqun; Li, Changgang; Hou, F; Feng, Xiaoqin; Wang, Huafang; Li, Xiaojing; Li, W; Liu, J; Sun, L; Wang, S; Jin, J; Fang, Q; Luke, Koon-Hung; Poon, Man-Chiu; Blanchette, Victor; Usuba, Koyo; Young, Nancy; WU, Runhui*. Describing the Quality of Life of Boys with Haemophilia in China: Results of a Multi-Center Study using the CHO-KLAT. Haemophilia, 2018; 24: 113-119.

2.     X Cheng, P Li, Z Chen, N Zhang, Y Zhen, L Zhao, X Wang*, R WU*. Break-through bleeding in relation to pharmacokinetics of Factor VIII in paediatric patients with severe haemophilia A. Haemophilia 2018; 24(1):120-125.

3.     Runhui WU, K-H LUKE. The benefit of low dose prophylaxis in the treatment of Hemophilia: A focus on China. Expert Review of Hematology, 2017;10(11):995-1004.

4.     Runhui WU, K-H LUKE, MC POON, et al. Low dose secondary prophylaxis reduces joint bleeding in severe and moderate haemophilic children: a pilot study in China. Haemophilia, 2011, 17: 70-74.

5. L. TANG, R. WU, J . SUN, X. ZHANG, X. FENG, X. ZHANG, K.-H. LUKE and M.-C. POON. Short-term low-dose secondary prophylaxis for severe/moderate haemophilia A children is beneficial to reduce bleed and improve daily activity, but there are obstacle inits execution: a multi-centre pilot study in China. Haemophilia, 2013; 19(1): 27-34.

Current Positions/Chairs:

  • Physician-in-Chief
    Hematology Center, Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Medical University, National Health center of Children in China
  • Director
    Children’s Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center, China
  • Clinical Consultant
    Hemophilia Home of China
  • Professor
    Pediatric Department, Capital Medical University, China
  • Doctor Instructor and Master Instructor

Key Institutions

  • Beijing Children's Hospital
    Haematology/ Oncology Center
  • Capital Medical University

Research Activities

  • Initiating the Congenital Hemorrhagic Disease Registration of the BCH. A total of 1530 hemophilia cases were documented up to July 2019.
  • Establishing the BCH clinical treatment and management team for pediatric hemophilia, this is composed of members from 14 departments including hematology, lab diagnosis, physical therapy, radiology, dental, orthopedics, Pharmacology and psychology and
  • Initiating and coordinating nationwide scientific conferences on Pediatric Hemophilia. There have been 13 such conferences up to 2019.
  • Initiating and coordinating winter and summer camps for Pediatric hemophilia patients and their parents. The main purpose of the summer camp is for education.
  • Evaluation of high-titer inhibitors in children with severe hemophilia A by low-dose immune tolerance induction strategy. Supported by Capital National Health Development Research Special Independent Innovation Project, May 2018-Apr 2021.
  • Integrating key technologies to establish a clinical study on the precise strategy of prophylaxis of hemophilia in children in China.
  • Supported by Research on the application of clinical characteristics of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, 2018-2021

Research Interests

  • Inherited bleeding disorders