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Dr. Karin FijnvanDraat

Karin Fijnvandraat is Professor of Pediatric Hematology at the University of Amsterdam and Director of the Hemophilia Treatment Center Amsterdam. She trained in Pediatrics and specialized in Pediatric Hematology at the University of Amsterdam. Her clinical focus is on hemophilia, allied bleeding disorders and sickle cell disease. In 2007 she initiated the international INSIGHT Consortium to enhance collaboration on non-severe hemophilia research among 34 hemophilia treatment centers in 10 European countries and Australia. Her research in hemophilia focusses on phenotypic heterogeneity and inhibitor development in mild hemophilia A. Furthermore, she contributed to many multicenter studies in hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, neonatal transfusion and sickle cell disease.

Current Positions/Chairs:

  • Chair
    Department of Pediatric Hematology
  • Director
    Amsterdam Hemophllia Treatment Center

Key Institutions

  • Amsterdam Hemophilia Treatment Center
    Pediatric Hematology
    Amsterdam, Netherlands