Hemophilia Joint Health Score Toolkit



Hemophilia Joint Health Score (HJHS) Website Registration

I am requesting access to the HJHS materials (toolkit) for the following purposes:


  • For use in a (PT or other HCP) training workshop
  • To teach the HJHS in my own clinical setting
  • To teach the HJHS as part of a national or international workshop
  • To include portions of the HJHS in a presentation (in person, by WebEx…) to HCPs
  • Self directed learning on the HJHS

Clinical Practice

  • For regular use in own clinical setting as part of regular MSK patient evaluation

Research – Investigator Initiated

  • For use in clinical research (e.g. cohort studies comparing treatment regimens, outcome measures…)
  • For use in clinically focused systematic reviews

Research Industry initiated

  • For use in systematic reviews relating to Industry trials
  • For use as an outcome measure in industry trials
  • For use in training relating to industry trials (Investigator meetings, site initiation visits…)


If you have any questions regarding the administration and use of the Hemophilia Joint Health Score please contact our Help Desk hjhs.helpdesk[at]sickkids[dot]ca